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Online Services

Getting Started with Online Services

To use our online services you need to have a user name and password. To get these please contact our reception team who will be pleased to print out an information sheet with these details on, together with full instructions on how to register for the service. Access to our online services is available via Patient Access a facility provided and managed by our clinical software supplier. When you connect you will see the Patient Access web page. If it is your first time using the system you will need to enter your registration details, after that a simple user name and password is all that is needed. You can also download a Patient Access app to run on your iPhone or Android device, this uses the same password and gives direct access to all the same services.

Book Appointments 24/7

Our online reception is never closed!

You can book a new appointment, check details of an existing one or cancel one you no longer need. You do this either by looking to see who has appointments available on the day you want to come, or by selecting a clinician and asking when they have free appointments. At the moment we only make appointments for routine GP consultations available online.

View Your Medical Record

Download more information from NHS England here.

Patient Access also allows you to view some parts of your medical record, which could be especially useful if you need medical attention when away from home. Once you are registered for the service you can view your current medication, any allergies we have recorded and your immunisation history. After 1st April 2016 you can also see a history of the medical problems you have had and any test results. To access this extended information you will need to request to do so, and you must already be registered for online services. We usually only permit access for patients aged 16 and over except in very limited cicumstances. Any other arrangements are at the discretion of the practice.

Order Repeat Prescriptions

Any time of day, any day of the week!

If you need regular medication and your doctor has made your prescription available on repeat you can simply order what you need by clicking on the items you require. This will notify your doctor of your needs and it will be processed exactly as if you had put a request in at the surgery. If you nominate a pharmacy using the EPS scheme we can also send the prescription there electronically and your medication will be available to collect after 3 working days.

Keep Us Up To Date

When your circumstances change, for instance if you move home, or change your mobile phone number, you can now tell us about it online and your surgery record will be automatically updated. Having the right mobile phone number is especially important now that we send text confirmations and reminders for your appointments.