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Register with us

Register with us


If you are normaly resident within our catchment area (see map below) and entitled to receive NHS medical care then registration is a very simple process. We need you to do the following:



One we have this information we can start the formal registration process, much of which is now automated. In many cases your medical records will arive electronically from your last GP during the same day. If you have been serving with the Armed Forces or resident abroad this can still take a few weeks. We also invite you to have a New Patinet Check so that we can make sure we know about your needs and medical history.

Healthcare for Homeless People


We have special arrangements in place to provide healthcare services for people who are without a regular home. We work with local charities including The Vine Centre who help with homeless adults and Step By Step, who run many projects for for young homeless people. If you are homeless, tell our reception team and they will help you to register. We hold an outreach clinic run by our nursing team at The Vine each Wednesday where we can help with a range of healtcare issues and concerns. You might also find the links below helpful.


Catchment Area

Click on the map below to show a full screen version detailing our catchment area.

Zero Tolerence Policy

The vast majority of our patinets are considerate and well behaved at all times. We operate a Zero Tolerence Policy, which means we do not, under any circumstances, accept bad language, shouting, verbal threats, physical threats or socially unacceptable behaviour in our surgery. We will call the Police if necessary and remove patients from our list who fail to comply with this request.