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Ordering Medication

If you require regular medication and your Doctor has made your medication available as a repeat prescription you can usually order it in one of the following ways:


  • Fill in the right hand side of your last prescription selecting the items you need and hand it in at our reception. We can also accept forms sent by fax, e-mail or post. We also have Prescription Request Forms available to complete at our reception desk.


  • Use our online services to select the items you need and this will send a message electonically to your Doctor. If you set up a pharmacy using the EPS service we will send your prescription direct to them by e-mail. At the moment we cannot send prsecriptions for controlled drugs using the EPS service, so these prescriptions will be available to collect at our reception.
  • You can take your prescription to one of a number of local pharmacies who will send it to us, collect it again and have your medication ready for you.


Medication requests will be processed by us within two working days, but if you have arranged for it to be ready at a pharmacy this will often add at least one more working day.

About NHS Prescriptions

Fees: NHS prescriptions currently cost £8.40 per item unless you are exempt from paying. If you need a lot of regular medication a Pre Payment Certificate, which costs £29.10 every three months or £104.00 for a full year, will cover all your needs for that time and can save you money.


Acute Prescription: A prescription for a single course of medication that does not usually need to be repeated.


Repeat Prescription: Medication that you need reglularly and for a long period. For most drugs we issue a supply of 56 days at a time on repeat. We will also need to see you for a medication review at least once each year.


Repeat Dispensing: Similar to a repeat prescription but your pharmacist is given a number of prescriptions at once and you do not need to order them from your Doctor.


EPS (Electronic Prescription Service): This is a service that allows you to nominate a pharmacy to receive your presceriptions electonically once they have been authorised by your Doctor, see below for more information.


Online Services: Our Internet based services that include ordering medication direct from your computer screen.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

EPS is an NHS wide system that links pharmacies and GP surgeries electronically. This enables us to tell the pharmacy what drugs you need without a paper prescription being printed. To use EPS you simply need to 'nominate' a pharmacy to receive your prescriptions using the form to the right and the rest is automatic. You can either bring the form to our reception or take it to the pharmacy. Whichever way you use to order your medication the prescription will be sent to your nominated pharmacy and they will have the items ready for you to collect in about 3 working days. Please note that at the moment we cannot send prescriptions for certain 'controlled drugs' by EPS.